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Learn To Swim 
We are not currently offering the Learn to Swim program at this time. We are working to find a qualified individual to run the program. If you are interested or know someone who might be interested please have them contact: 

Junior Dolphins is an opportunity for children who are not yet ready for the regular swim team, but comfortable in the water. Throughout the season, our Junior Dolphins will become self-sufficient in kicking and swimming multiple lengths of the pool, starts, floating on their backs, and jumping off the diving board. While learning the basics of swimming, the Junior Dolphins will learn basic safety tips to have the most enjoyable time on the pool deck. The goal of the Junior Dolphins is to get our swimmers ready for the regular swim team, so throughout the season, any Junior Dolphins may be allowed to swim in meets if the parents and coaches see fit. The end of the Junior Dolphins season will have a culminating meet where each swimmer will swim a 25 freestyle.

Families interested in the Junior Dolphins will register using the same link as the swim team. See Join the Team link on Swimtopia webpage. 

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